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Best Graduate Degrees For Quick Career Change

Top 10 Bachelor Degrees (2022)

A career can get old very quickly if its not the right path for you, so if you are looking for a change, our list of the best graduate degrees for quick career change is here to make the process a little easier.

If you feel like youve hit a dead end in your career and you wish you could earn more money, going to graduate school to pursue a new degree is a good move to make now, to invest in your future. These days, with online education platforms, you can get a masters degree in a reasonable amount of time also. These classes usually last one or two years maximum, and as they are online you can make your living besides studying for a degree. Nowadays students take up online degree programs all over the world in order to get degrees in the fields of engineering, healthcare, criminal justice, information technology, business, political science and much more. Many degree programs last for 3-5 years, but many for only 1-2 years meaning you have a quicker option to change careers.

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So if you are considering changing your life, you may be wondering which field or which degrees are really worth pursuing. We decided to do a little investigating on the best graduate degrees for changing quickly your career. These degrees typically offer you much better payment after a short period studying with all the comforts of being at home while you broaden your knowledge and prepare for your future.

How Can I Make Earning A Master’s Degree For A Career Change More Affordable

Many graduate students rely on financial aid to cover tuition, fees, and other master’s degree expenses. The federal government offers two student loan options for master’s seekers:

  • Direct Unsubsidized Loans are available to graduate students regardless of their financial need. The recipient’s school determines the loan amount based on their cost of attendance and their additional financial aid sources.
  • PLUS Loans are offered to master’s students attending eligible schools who do not have adverse credit histories. Both loans carry fixed interest rates and do not need to be repaid until the recipient graduates or leaves school. These factors make them preferable to student loans from private lenders, many of which carry variable interest rates and need to be repaid sooner.

In addition to financial aid, career changers pursuing a master’s degree can manage tuition costs in other ways.

Is A Masters Degree Worth It

Yes, a masters degree is worth it for many students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs requiring a masters degree for entry are set to grow at 15% over the next 10 years, faster than the average for all occupations.

Common masters-level careers include education administrator, computer and information research scientist, advanced practice registered nurse, and a variety of leadership and management roles.

For most people who are switching careers, getting a graduate degree will require planning and perseverance, but a masters may open doors to career advancement and higher pay.

Pursuing a top graduate degree in information technology or another well-paid field with growing demand might be a strategic way to launch your career change.

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Interested In Online Graduate School

Here at WVU, we believe that it’s never too late to pursue the career that’s right for you.

Some higher education institutions, including West Virginia University , offer a variety of online graduate programs at the same tuition rates for in-state and non-residents.

WVU Online is its own unit, made up of enrollment coaches that assist students from the point of inquiry through what WVUs Admissions Team consider a strong start, which is the first week of classes. The unit also oversees the registration process for many online programs.

Although an advanced degree can set your career flying, higher education can also crash your bank account if you arent strategic regarding financial budgeting. While some programs can be extremely expensive, some online programs allow their students to pay in-state tuition regardless of residency. Keep your career on path by searching for highly-ranked online programs that wont financially debilitate you.

If you’re looking to make a career change and are thinking about using graduate school online to do so, we invite you to request more information today! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Check out our digital resource Make the Change: A Comprehensive Guide to Graduate Programs for Career Changers and let us help you navigate the process of changing career fields!

How To Change Careers

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Choosing to make a career change might be one of the most important and impactful decisions you make.

The career you choose has the potential to alter the course of the rest of your life.

For this reason, you definitely want to be as methodical and precise as possible.

Here are a few guidelines for you to take note of while making a career change decision, whether you are a recent grad or changing careers at 40.

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What Does Better Mean To You

Many people toy with the idea of earning an additional undergraduate degree or a masters degree so that they can transition into a better field. Some define better as making more money for others, it may have more to do with their quality of life, impact on the world or interest level.

Daren Upham, vice president of academic operations at Western Governors Universitys College of Health Professions, noted that several of his students returned to school to pursue a career path that allows them to leverage their current expertise differently.

We often see scientists and engineers who, after successful careers, want to become math and science teachers, he said. This also happens with successful businesspeople. These people want to give back by sharing their knowledge and experience with students.

Research The Alternative Career Before Quitting Your Job

Think about whether youll have time to work during your degree program as well as the earning potential of your new career .

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Know your new careers earning potential. Make sure your long-term goals are realistic and informed by research. For example, not all STEM jobs pay a huge amount of money.
  • Be aware of the job market in your area. The region you live in has a massive impact on the job market, and its not always straightforward. For example, living in a major tech hub doesnt mean youll be all set with a tech-related degree. In fact, sometimes the opposite is true. Often, cities with a wealth of tech jobs also have a surplus of highly educated professionals with tech degrees, so the job market is far more competitive.
  • Do your research. Look at statistics on employment options, salary ranges and workforce demographics that are recent and specific to your region. You can find up-to-date career-specific data in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

FYI:Starting a business without a college degree is a challenge, but youre more likely to succeed if you have hands-on experience in your chosen industry.

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% Of College Students Are Over The Age Of 25

Based on the Lumina Foundation data, 38% of undergraduate students are over 25 years old. 58% of them work while in school, and 26% are raising families. The number of students living on campus today is only 13%.

This makes sense as people deciding on new career choices are doing so at an older age. They need need additional skills and qualifications to support this change.

Online Masters Degree Programs

5 Best College Majors (2021)

Most working adults consider master degrees because they want to enhance their current position, or to get a promotion. Masters programs are challenging, even the fastest online degree completion programs are still competitive. Online masters programs offer working adults the flexibility that they need most. Typically, once a student has signed up for the program, he is given the assignments, lectures, and syllabus and is expected to complete everything by the end date.

The best online college for working adults is the one that offers a wide range of master degree programs. Some professions, like teaching, psychology, engineering, and social work, require a masters degree to receive promotions and higher pay. Some masters degree to consider are an Online Master of Science Degree in in-demand STEM fields. Some of these degrees are in computer science, engineering, economics, and finance. There is an Online Master of Arts Degree which focuses on arts and humanities. Some of these degrees are in visual arts, political science, sociology, and psychology.

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Masters Degree In Software Engineering

Software engineers are among the fastest-growing professions in the world today. The need for engineers and developers will grow at a faster than average rate, which gives you the job stability that you desire. You no longer need to worry about your employer closing its doors due to the economy. Many software engineers work from home, which gives them more flexibility, too. Not only can you take time off for a family vacation or when you want some time for yourself, but you can feel confident that your job is always waiting for you. Though some graduate programs only accept students who have undergrad degrees in computer science or a related field, others will accept students who demonstrate that they have strong technical and computer skills.

What Is The Average Age People Change Careers

The average age a person changes careers is 39 years old. Workers may feel stagnated once they reach mid-career, as it could indicate that their careers are stagnating. This results in them making a career switch for new a new job opportunity.

As be people get older they change jobs less and less. Between the ages of 18 and 24, people change jobs an average of 5.7 times. The average number of job changes between 25 and 34 years old is 2.4. From 35 to 44 years of age, the average decreases to 2.9 jobs, and then to 1.9 jobs from 45 to 52 years of age.

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Financial Aid And Scholarships

Even if you cant cover the costs of an online degree upfront, you may be able to move forward with the help of financial aid.

For many students, paying for college will mean combining multiple sources of financial assistance. These include federal and state grants, employer programs and incentives, merit-based and need-based scholarships, and student loans.

If youre applying for need-based assistance, you may be required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . You may also find it helpful to check with admissions and financial aid officers about financial assistance at the schools youre interested in.

Seek Secure Work In Teaching

A Myth for Teachers: Jobs That Dont Exist Yet

Teachers are always in high demand, nationally and internationally, and the profession of teaching often weathers any economic downturns. Its also a fulfilling career choice where you can make a real difference, as current Master of Teaching student Julian explains: I chose to study teaching because doing so would allow me to inspire, mentor and guide the youth of today to become the adults of the future.If you have an urge to follow your passion and inspire young minds, consider the Master of Teaching to teach students from pre-primary to Year 6 or the Master of Teaching to specialise in one or more subjects at high school level. Heaps of undergraduate majors are suitable for entry to teaching courses engineers can become high school science or maths teachers, and psychology grads can put their understanding of child development into practice as primary school teachers.

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Masters Degree In Data Science

Data science is a field that combines computer science and business along with other disciplines. Those who work in this field need a strong understanding of scientific methods along with applications and algorithms. It isnt a field that you enter just because you think it sounds interesting or you want to make money. Many programs require that incoming students have a bachelors degree in computer science or another technical field. If you have a liberal arts degree, you will usually need to take some undergraduate courses to show that you can handle the harder classes. This can add a year or more to the time that it takes to complete your degree.

The Most Useful Degrees For The Future

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

When considering which degree you want to earn, it’s important to identify your career goals and think about what experiences and skills you want from a degree program. There are many useful degrees to choose from, and understanding which ones may be useful in the future can allow you to select an academic path that aligns with your goals and helps you develop your skills. In this article, we address the importance of obtaining a degree and list 55 of the most useful degrees for the future of your professional career.

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Best Master’s Degrees For Career Changes

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

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Jenn, a career coach at Indeed, explains some useful methods for examining your skillset and finding ways to fill any gaps before starting your new career.

Whether you want to change careers because you’re interested in working in a new field or because you want to increase your earning potential, there are various master’s degrees you can pursue to help you with this transition. Many of these graduate programs accept applicants from a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experiences. In this article, we discuss 10 of the best master’s degrees to pursue for a career change.

Masters In Health Care Management

Top 10 Associate Degrees (2022)

The healthcare sector is one of the most sought-after sectors in the economy as it offers a myriad of lucrative career opportunities. The masters in health care management is one of the best masters degrees for a career change.

The healthcare masters program is tailored to help in developing core knowledge on everything about the health sector.

Also, the degree program teaches you the ethical and sound health care practices, healthcare laws, and regulations, and helps in getting the students to recognize the various medical and healthcare information technologies.

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Tools And Resources For The Gre

Maggoosh provides a number of resources for GRE test-takers, including day-by-day study plans, test tips, practice tests, and a blog full of additional GRE information.

Explore GRE tools and tips designed by the creators of the test. should be your go-to resource for any official information regarding the GRE.

Manhattan Prep is a collection of practice tests designed to create a true GRE experience and provide a customized experience complete with test results and explanations for wrong answers.

Of the 412 unique combinations* of programs offered at Kent State University, only 132 require the GRE as an admissions requirement thats less than 50% of our programs! And while we dont require the GRE for all programs, approximately 45% of all applicants choose to submit their GRE scores.

*Note: The Unique combinations account for all of the possible combinations of degree and concentration. For example, one program may have three optional concentrations. In this case, the program plus the concentration equals four unique programs.

Master Of Public Administration

Another good option for those hoping to make a difference in the world is the online Master of Public Administration from the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. People with a background in public administration are experts at identifying pressing issues, and then dreaming up and implementing the changes necessary to solve these crucial problems. With this degree, graduates can land jobs that make a lasting impact.

There are a multitude of possible roles with a masters degree in public administration. In recent years, online MPA students have gone on to work in the nonprofit domestic field, the private sector and government in local, state and federal levels. Job titles include board of directors members, executive directors, grant administrators, financial literacy advocates, city managers, emergency management coordinators and more.

To be accepted into the Master of Public Administration online program, students must have a bachelors degree from an accredited university with a 3.0 GPA. Pre-service students are required to complete a 300-hour internship and a one-unit Internship Seminar course.

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Best Masters Degrees For Career Changers In 2022

Career change occurs for a number of reasons salary, work flexibility, job dissatisfaction, or life goals. Finding the career that best suits the interests of an individual is not an easy process and sometimes very challenging.

Research is the first thing that you must do before changing your career. For some of the careers, professional training or qualifications are required.

According to recent research, most people will have 12 jobs during their lives. In 2020, 32 percent of people 25 to 44 years old had thought of changing their careers.

Based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Statistics Canada, the UK Office for National Statistics, polls conducted by several companies, and other surveys, Erudera provides a summary of some of the best professions for career changers in 2022 and salaries for these occupations.

Main Points:

  • 52 percent of employees in the United States considered changing careers in 2021.
  • A Washington Post-Schar School poll revealed that 1 in 3 US employees under 40 thought of changing their job since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.
  • A marketing manager earns around $142,170 annually.
  • The information security analyst job market is expected to grow by 31 percent in 2029.

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