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Is Human Resource Management the right career for you?

Onboarding is an often-overlooked aspect of HR that I always found satisfying, Speigel says. I love making new hires feel welcome and ready to join the team.

The first day of any job can be daunting. Theres a host of new places, people and processes to learn. The job of many HR professionals revolves around developing a quality onboarding experience that will ease the stress of a new job and ensure they are set up for success.

Bachelors In Human Resources

Bachelors degrees in human resources open doors to a variety of opportunities within the HR field. Students in these programs will dive deep into business communications, management theory, ethics, intro to computer application systems, and various leadership courses. Degrees can be found to meet any schedule with online, in-person, or hybrid options.

Due to this career fields nature, in-person courses may be an ideal fit to truly practice face-to-face communication and leadership skills. There are many sectors within the human resources field. Students who complete a Bachelors in Human Resources will be prepared for positions as human resources specialists, labor relations specialists, training & development specialists, management analysts, or compensation & benefits managers. Many of the top schools also offer HRCI professional certifications that can be completed along with your degree. Some of the certification areas include Professional in Human Resources, Senior Professional in Human Resources, and Global Professional in Human Resources.

Hr Diversity And Inclusion Certification From Hr University

HR Universitys HR Diversity and Inclusion Certification is one of the best options for an online HR certification. The course is divided into three different sessions and is taught by highly qualified instructors and business leaders.

Here are the key topics the course covers:

  • Diversity types
  • Different types of workplace harassment

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The 20 Best Online Schools For Bachelors In Human Resources In 2022

An online Bachelors in Human Resource degree program serves as a training ground for individuals who want to become part of the indispensable team behind every successful business venture. A professional with an HR education and skills ensure there are qualified and capable individuals working the right kinds of jobs under the right conditions.

Since the industrial revolution, there has been a continuing trend of employment specialization, with the Human Resources department at the forefront of the constant shaping, formation, and mobilization of the workforce.

Staffing and management in Human Resources comprise a huge logistical responsibility and require a careful balancing act to create a long-standing and efficient workforce. They work to prevent and resolve workplace issues such as burnouts, backlogs, and conflicts. In the advent of digitization, HR practitioners are empowered to perform better and contribute to the success of their organization.

With very lucrative career opportunities, HR specialists get a median salary exceeding $110,000.00 per year according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics .


  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Choose Your Degree Based On The Human Resources Job You Want

    What Degree Do You Need For Human Resources Careers?

    In human resources, there are two career paths: generalist and specialist. Someone who chooses a generalist career path will seek out jobs that involve all functions of human resources, while a specialist will choose a job dedicated to one of those functions.

    Lets look at how your career can progress as a generalist, starting as an HR coordinator, or how you can branch-off your career into a specialist role dedicated to functions like recruiting, benefits or training.

    Human Resource Coordinator

    A human resource coordinator is the most entry-level job for HR professionals. This role focuses on the administrative side of human resources, posting job listings, reviewing resumes for baseline qualifications and processing employee paperwork.

    • Median Salary: $45,950 per year _Coordinator/Hourly_Rate” rel=”nofollow”> Payscale)

    A human resource coordinator will typically have an associates or bachelors degree in human resources. If you enter this career with an associates degree, you may need more experience, education or certifications to compete for advancement opportunities.

    Human Resource Specialist

    Human resource specialists are trained in all facets of human resources and perform tasks throughout all areas of the departmentfrom recruiting to onboarding and benefits to compensation.

    • Median Salary: $60,880 per year

    Human Resource Manager

    • Median Salary: $113,300 per year

    VP of Human Resources

    • Median Salary: $136,056 %2C_Human_Resources_/Salary” rel=”nofollow”> Payscale)

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    Bachelors Degree In Human Resources Management

    The most direct route to a career in human resources is to major in HR management in college. Human resource specialists are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. They usually work in an office although HR professionals in a recruiting role may travel extensively. It is important to choose an HR bachelors degree program with a curriculum that aligns with the recommendations set by the Society for Human Resource Management . Coursework usually covers areas like business law and ethics, human relations, leadership and management, and communication. Some programs also prepare students to earn industry certifications like the PHR, SPRH, and SHRM-Certified Professional. These certifications can be a real asset to new grads who are applying for HR positions. Students without experience in the field should look for a program with an internship to gain valuable hands-on experience and training in HR.

    The online bachelors in HR Management from Colorado State University-Global Campus is a flexible program with monthly class starts and no set login times. Courses are offered in an accelerated format that allows students to finish faster and begin their HR career.

    Ready To Start Your Journey

    Becoming a human resources specialist is an excellent goal for those looking for reasonable pay, job security, and an industry that will always keep you on your toes. With multiple facets within the career and opportunity in every sector, HR is a great place to set your sites. Since most organizations look for professionals with at least a bachelors degree to fill HR jobs, lets explore some of the best degrees to become a human resources specialist. This list offers degree suggestions for those entering into the industry, all the way up to professionals searching for ways to build their resume for top human resources positions.

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    You Can Earn A Degree Without The Debt

    In addition to keeping tuition costs low, weve taken key steps to help our students reduce or eliminate the need to take out a loan to pay for their WGU degree. Some of the primary ways we help are our Responsible Borrowing Initiative and financial aid opportunities like scholarships.

    of WGU undergrads completed their degrees without taking a student loan.The Institute for College Access & Success, 2020

    Get Your Degree for LessGet started today and earn an accredited bachelor’s or master’s degree for less than you’d think.

    Bachelors In Workforce Development

    Is a Human Resource Degree Worth It? (Human Resources Management)

    Workforce development professionals are essential in almost all industries. They support both career and technical education to enhance an organizations effectiveness. Bachelors programs can include coursework in areas such as business communication, office management, information systems, and professional development. These programs are usually four-year programs and many include a work-based experience to gain exposure to the field. These programs are available on-campus or in a convenient online format. Workforce development professionals also work with individuals who are unemployed or underemployed to prepare them for new roles or careers. HR professionals with a bachelors degree in workforce development have the skills and expertise to conduct corporate training and career planning.

    • William Woods University-Online Bachelor of Science in Workforce Development

    The Online BS in Workforce Development program at William Woods University is an online program that helps students develop their own personal leadership style. Students will learn to evaluate information systems and technology to achieve business goals. Courses cover areas such as project management and business law.

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    What Degree Do You Need For A Career In Human Resources

    by Jenna Kerwin | June 27th, 2022

    According to, the term human resources was coined in 1960 when ideas like motivation, organizational behavior, and selection assessments began to take a larger role in work settings. In any organization, the human resource department and the people who work there are responsible for managing all matters related to employees, including finding, screening, and recruiting employees administering employee benefit programs and instituting diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

    According to U.S. News and World Report, human resource positions consistently rank among the leading careers in the United States, partly because of the important role that HR professionals play in the survival and growth of an organization.

    A HR professional has many different duties, ranging from:

  • Developing initiatives aligned with organizational goals
  • Addressing management and employee issues
  • Hiring and firing employees
  • Making and improving training programs
  • Making sure laws are followed through HR policies
  • To be a good HR professional, you need good communication skills, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, technological skills, and problem-solving skills.

    The Benefits Of Obtaining An Mba In Human Resource

    Human resource is a career that involves numerous job functions, including:

    Recruiting, interviewing, screening, and hiring employees

    Dealing with employee conduct and engagement

    Helping employees understand benefits packages

    Acting as a liaison between the employer and employees

    Handling workplace discrimination and harassment issues

    You are responsible for understanding the needs of the employer and the employees as a human resource manager. Pursuing an MBA in human resources can help you understand these needs and help you climb the human resources career ladder.

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    Director Of Diversity And Inclusion

    Research shows that diverse workplaces tend to be more innovative. The director of diversity and inclusion oversees the implementation of necessary programs that promote diversity within the business. They establish and uphold standards of practice, study and obey employment law, and create inclusive programs as a department director. An equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace is one where all employees feel valued and respected, regardless of their gender, race, religion, age, education, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. The director of diversity and inclusion is committed to creating a workspace with non-discriminatory practices and equitable opportunities for employment and advancement in all departments, programs, and services. This role protects marginalized people. A director of diversity and inclusion will make an average salary of $81K per year.

    CTA: Get the Director of Diversity and Inclusion Career Guide

    Apply For A Manager Position

    Best Business Degrees For 10 Booming Careers

    Becoming an HR manager requires the appropriate work experience, often as an HR specialist. Making the transition from specialist to manager doesnt necessarily entail moving from one organization to another, but may be a process of graduating from the former to the latter within the same organization. While this can happen naturally through the course of promotions, it is much more likely to involve a specialist applying for an opening as a manager. Holding a masters degree in human relations is one qualification that can help an applicant move to a manager position, as is holding a voluntary certification.

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    San Diego State University


    Score: 88.05

    One of the oldest institutions in the state of California, San Diego State University is a large public research institution. The Management Department at SDSU offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a specialization in Human Resource Management. The program is over a decade old and follows the guidelines established by the Society for Human Resource Management.

    Among the classes in the specialization is International Human Resource Management, Legal Issues in Human Resources, and Human Resources Selection. The Fowler College of Business offers a Faculty-Student Mentoring Program which supports student engagement in research and other initiatives. The program aims to foster long-term relationships between students and faculty and offer opportunities for students to gain significant real-world experience.

    Net Price: $13,363

    Job Outlook And Salaries

    Individuals reviewing human resource management career options soon discover that human resource professionals have a versatile set of skills, often allowing them to change positionsand even companieseasily. Professionals with human resource management degrees can use this to their advantage, considering the job outlook for HR managers shows 9% growth by 2030.1 In addition, the median wage for a human resource manager was $126,230 in 2021.1 Its important to note, however, that there are a number of relevant degree options.

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    Designed To Fit Your Life And Career Goals

    • complete weekly assignments at your preferred pace
    • create a personalized path to completion
    • develop relevant skills and expertise that align with SHRMs highest standards
    • customize your education around your unique career goals
    • enjoy enhanced engagement opportunities always optional, never required

    Free Hr Info Session Webinar

    5 HR Career Skills You Need on Your Resume! | Human Resources Management

    Attend a free, online information session on , to learn more about UC Davis Continuing and Professional Educations Human Resource Management Certificate Program. If you cant attend the live webinar, you can access the video from a previous session.

    The Human Resource Management Certificate Program takes 15-to-21 months , costs less than a graduate degree and offers a convenient hybrid program of both online and classroom instruction in Sacramento. The program includes courses on:

    • performance management

    While you can gain the groundwork to excel in these skills in your undergraduate coursework, additional training in specialized skills will absolutely help prepare you for the human resources profession.

    HR is very broad and has many sub-disciplines you can specialize in, adds Reyes.

    For example, as an HR director, Im responsible for employee training, starting with orientation and onboarding of new staff and continuing with ensuring staff have the resources they need, and recruitment, overseeing the attracting and selection of new employees, says Reyes.

    Reyes, an Aggie himself, graduated from UC Davis with a degree in communication and linguistics. Reyes began his path to a career in HR while working at Nugget Markets in Davis, first as a bagger, then in training where he discovered his passion for HR and professional development.

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    Global Professional In Human Resources

    The Global Professional in Human Resources can certify you as an expert in international business relations. The exam will test your knowledge of things like strategic HR management and global talent acquisition.

    To sit for the exam, youll need to meet one of the following requirements:

    • High school diploma and four years of HR experience
    • Bachelors degree and three years of HR experience
    • Masters degree and two years of HR experience

    As you can see, an advanced education isnt necessary, but experience is a must.

    Rewarding Reasons To Work In Hr

    By Hannah Meinke on 07/12/2021

    Lets face it, human resources isnt often perceived to be the most glamorous department within a company. After all, one of the most prominent examples of an HR professional in popular culture brings to mind the fictional struggle between Michael Scott and Toby Flenderson of The Office®. Despite Tobys general competence for much of the show, hes not much of an aspirational figure to point to when someone asks, Why work in HR?

    Fortunately, the human resources field has a lot more going for it than a television character. To prove this, we combined government data with expert insight from HR professionals to identify some of the top reasons why human resources is a good career.

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    How Much Does An Online Business Degree Cost

    On average, online business degrees will cost $38,000 to $60,000 total. There also may be in-state or out-of-state tuition factors, as well as additional fees. However, you may be able to find online degree programs that cost much less. For example, business degree programs at WGU are $3,575 per term for a bachelor’s degree, and only $4,530 for graduate programs. This is less than half the cost of other online institutions.*

    Earn An Organizational Leadership Degree At Plnu

    HR Executive at Royal Paints Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

    PLNU offers a Master’s of Arts in Organizational Leadership that will prepare you for stepping boldly into leadership at any level and organization. This program is catered for busy working individuals and offers two delivery options: online or in person. With your MAOL youll be set on the path to achieving your career goals.

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    What Affects A Human Resources Career Salary

    Lets continue with the example of human resources manager. Right away, your salary will vary depending on your field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the averages for HR managers in a few different industries are:

    • Professional, scientific and technical services
    • Management of companies
    • Healthcare and social assistance

    Your education and experience can also play a role in your paycheck. When youre a new manager, youll probably make less money and earn fewer bonuses than when youre an experienced manager with 20 years under your belt.

    Location matters as well. Human resources managers in New Jersey make on average $177,960 meanwhile, managers in Connecticut nonmetropolitan area make on average $89,560 less. Big city employees usually take home a higher salary than others, but demand has a lot to do with salary, too.

    If youre living in a place with an abundance of HR managers, youll probably make less than an area where HR managers are scarce and, therefore, high in demand.

    To put it simply, there are a lot of factors that go into a salary, so you shouldnt make career decisions based on median pay alone.

    The Field Is Experiencing Steady Growth

    The BLS projects employment of HR specialists to increase at a rate of seven percent through 2029, which is faster than average for all occupations. This career field, barring the unexpected, projects to be anchored on steady ground for years to come. Companies will continue needing recruiters, benefits specialists and other HR personnel as they grow. HR plays a fundamental role in a businesss operations, and that doesnt appear likely to change any time soon.

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