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Why Get A Banking Degree

Highest Paying Finance Jobs ($250k Career Paths In Finance)

Banking degrees allow you to develop a range of skills you may use in various meaningful ways in the world. People with these degrees actively take part in a significant amount of financial activity in national and international economies. Also, banking and financial industries continue to grow and evolve, frequently providing you with new opportunities.

Some other benefits of getting a degree in banking include:

Types Of Banking Degrees And Certificates To Consider

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Banking degrees are available at a variety of levels. Each degree offers unique benefits to help recipients prepare for careers in the banking and financial industries. In this article, we discuss the different types of banking degrees and certificates and how to choose a career with your banking degree.

Financial Services Sales Agents

Financial services sales agents sell financial products and services to individuals and businesses. To recommend the best products for their clients, they must understand financial products and services. These professionals typically work for banks, insurance companies, or investment firms.


According to the BLS, financial services sales agents made a median salary of $64,770 per year in May 2020. The lower 10% made less than $36,910, while the top 10% earned more than $208,000.

Qualifications Needed to Become a Financial Services Sales Agent

To become a financial services sales agent, you typically need a bachelors degree in finance or a related field. Many employers also require several years of sales experience.

As for skills, you should be able to build relationships with clients, understand financial products and services, and negotiate prices.

Growth Potential for Financial Services Sales Agents

The BLS anticipates job openings for financial services sales agents to grow by only 4% over the decade. This is a slower rate than most occupations.

Despite a modest employment increase, an average of 42,500 jobs are anticipated each year over the decade.

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Can You Get A Finance Job With An Accounting Degree

An accounting degree will cover similar topics as a finance degree, though it tends to emphasize practical skills that apply to monitoring and tracking financial transactions.

Accountants are considered a financial specialist occupation, according to the BLS, so it isâpossible though perhaps more difficultâto transfer those skills to another type of financial role.â

Ohio State University Fisher College Of Business

Is a Finance Degree Worth It? 5 Benefits To Consider

The Ohio State Universitys BS in Finance degree program allows students opportunities to pursue careers in financial management in financial institutions, businesses, and investment firms. Theyll study concepts including capital budgeting, debt policy, dividend policy, leasing policy, option pricing, and a projected cost of capital. Because students are expecting to attend the best colleges for finance, they can expect career outcomes including savings and loan managers, stockbrokers, financial management firms, and trust management.

One of the most innovative universities in the US, the Ohio State University was founded in 1870 and built a reputation as a center for learning and research for the Midwest over a century and a half. Regularly ranking among the top 20 public universities, Ohio State has been called a Public Ivy. Meanwhile, the Fisher College of Business ranks as one of the top undergraduate business schools in the nation, and has been called one of the best in the US for return on investment by the Wall Street Journal. Students would be hard pressed to find something better for a bachelors degree in finance.

Business School: Fisher College of BusinessDegree: BS in Finance

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Bentley University Department Of Finance

Bentley Universitys bachelors degree in finance isnt just one degree program its three specially-designed, intensively focused majors built for the complexities and realities of modern finance. Students may choose the straight Finance degree, focused solely on applying analytical skills and finance theory to a global perspective. On the other hand, students may choose the Economics-Finance program, designed in collaboration with the Economics Department, or the Corporate Finance and Accounting program, which works with the Accounting Department.

No matter which route students choose, Bentleys BS in Finance programs are second to none. The phrase all business doesnt mean much anymore, but Bentley University really is all business. Founded in 1917 as an accounting school, Bentleys entire existence is rooted in business. With that intensive focus, its no surprise Bentley is regularly ranked among the top business schools in the nation by publications like U.S. News & World Report, Businessweek, and the Princeton Review. Bentley is better than the best undergraduate schools for finance it shows all others how its done.

Business School: Department of FinanceDegree: BS in Business Finance

What Do Accounting And Finance Graduates Do

Nearly half work as finance professionals, administrative occupations in finance and finance associate professionals . Business, research and administrative professionals, sales, marketing and related associate professionals, business associate professionals and IT professionals were also among the top ten most common occupations reported.


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How Much Money Do People Make With A Bachelors In Finance Degree

A bachelors degree in Finance will provide you with several career options. Below, well look at a few of these options and their median salaries, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Financial manager: $127,990
  • Certified financial analyst : $85,660
  • Certified financial planner : $66,610

Most of these careers are growing faster than average. Demand for a financial manager is projected to grow by 19% in the next decade, with demand for CFAs growing by 11%. On the other hand, demand for insurance underwriters is expected to decline by 5%. The good news is that you have a wide variety of options with solid salaries and a strong outlook.

Earning Your Finance Degree Online

Is Finance A Good Major?

The analytical and quantitative nature of finance degrees mean they can translate well to online learning. Online finance degrees have other perks. They tend to be more affordable than an on-campus experience and offer flexible scheduling. This makes them popular with students who want to work full- or part-time, or have family obligations.

Online courses on specific skillsâlike financial modeling or accountingâare also available if youâre looking to grow your expertise without committing to an entire degree.

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What Can You Do With A Bachelors Degree In Finance

A bachelors degree in finance can be the first step toward a graduate degree that brings a variety of lucrative career opportunities. You can pursue graduate study in finance, economics, business, or law.

The degree can also lead directly to a career as a personal financial consultant, financial manager for businesses, or the manager of a commercial bank. You can work in insurance, investments, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. With additional licensure and/or training, you can become a CFA or a CFP.

Master’s Degree In Finance

Management-level roles, such as financial manager, credit manager, and risk manager, typically require master’s degrees. A master’s degree in finance usually takes two years to complete, though some programs offer accelerated pathways, which can take just 12 months.

Graduate students study portfolio management, derivatives, and investment strategies. Depending on the program, degree-seekers may also take classes in business management, organizational behavior, or strategic management. Many programs incorporate internships or capstone projects to help enrollees build experience.

What’s the Difference Between a Master’s Degree in Finance and an MBA in Finance?

A master’s in finance and a master of business administration in finance both provide graduate-level training for careers as financial managers, personal financial advisors, or portfolio managers. However, an online MBA includes more general business courses, while a master’s in finance focuses on practical finance skills.

In either type of master’s program, finance graduate students receive specialized training and prepare for supervisory and leadership careers.

Explore Online Master’s Degrees in Finance

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Its Better To Choose A Degree Subject That Youll Enjoy And Will Do Well In

The vast majority of finance employers have a 2.1 minimum degree requirement. If you dont obtain this your chances of landing a graduate job in the industry will be severely reduced unless you can prove mitigating circumstances or, for some employers, outstanding achievement in another area this is the case with some accountancy employers. For this reason, choosing a university you think will help you do well, in a degree subject that youll enjoy, is your best option.

University Of Florida Warrington College Of Business

10 Hotshot Finance Jobs Worth Earning a College Degree

University of Floridas BS in Business Administration-Finance is just one of 5 concentrations in the BSBA program. The Warrington College of Business is regarded as one of the top business schools in the South, and the BSBA-FIN does much more than tack on a few finance electives its an in-depth education in money and capital, building leaders and entrepreneurs in the investment field. For those looking for the best colleges for finance, UFs Warrington College earns its top rankings.

The Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida receives its accreditation from the AACSB The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The University of Florida has long ranked among the best public research universities in the US, and it has been central to professional life in the Sunshine State since 1853. UF embraces values including communication, hospitality, humor, and respect all qualities that help make for one of the best colleges for finance.

Business School: Warrington College of BusinessDegree: BS in Business Administration-Finance concentration

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University Of Wisconsin Madison School Of Business

The University of Wisconsin at Madisons BBA in Finance, Investment, and Banking for students with the goal of career advancement or furthering their education. Somewhat broader than other bachelors degree in finance programs, the BBA provides expertise in banking, capital markets and structure, financial instruments, and managing the financial resources of an organization. Students will acquire skills in security trading, financial forecasting, venture capital, security analysis and valuation, financial risk management, security issuance, and international finance, and government policy and financial markets.

The University of Wisconsin at Madisons School of Business receives its accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The university was initially founded in 1848 as a public institution, and over more than a century and a half UW has become a center for learning, culture, and business for the Midwest. U.S. News & World Report perennially ranks UW one of the top public research universities in the nation. Their motto is, Numen Lumen, which is Latin for, God, our light. The university embraces values including service, scholarship, science, and social responsibility.

Business School: School of BusinessDegree: BBA Finance, Investment & Banking

Choosing A Degree And University For Your Finance Career

Most finance employers take on graduates from a wide range of universities and degree subjects. Hiring graduates from a wide pool enables companies to build a diverse workforce with a broad range of skills and experiences. A former HR director at MUFG Securities has previously told TARGETjobs: We dont want a class where all entrants are a complete carbon copy of one another. We dont want 20 graduates who have all achieved firsts in economics at a redbrick university, for example that just isnt how we work here. We want a really diverse class. There are some things, however, that you should consider before you choose your university and degree subject.

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Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents

These professionals help investors navigate their way through the complex and fast-changing world of securities, commodities, and financial services. This position entails buying and selling stocks and bonds, advising clients on the best investments to make in order to achieve their financial goals, and monitoring how financial markets are performing. There are several types of securities, commodities, and financial service agents, including floor brokers, investment bankers, and investment banking sales agents and traders.

Is Finance A Good Major

Is Finance a Good Major? Best Jobs in Finance?

Home » Best College Majors » Is Finance a Good Major?

Is Finance a good major? Were comparing it to other business majors and looking at what a bachelors degree in finance can do and earn in their career.

If you are considering a career in finance as a financial manager, budget analyst, or one of the other jobs for finance majors, you may be wondering: what goes into a finance degree, and what is the job outlook for me once I graduate? What can you do with a finance degree?

Editorial Listing ShortCode:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the field is growing rapidly, and finance professionals enjoy fairly high salaries.

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Skills Needed For Finance And Accounting Jobs

Success in finance positions requires a mix of specific talents. Candidates must understand accounting principles as well as the foundations of financial management. Professionals must also demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning in order to keep their skills relevant and remain aware of ever-changing banking technology trends. The most qualified candidates also have strong interpersonal and communications skills. Many financial positions require professionals to be flexible in their communicationto make hard-to-understand jargon accessible to clients while also being able to discuss complex financial reports with others.

Why Study Finance At University

If youre looking to go into the world of business, being able to manage and make money is going to make you a golden candidate. Beyond just getting a good job, being smart with money is going to help you in your own life too in saving, budgeting, getting a mortgage, and much more. When you consider that 95% of finance graduates are in work or further study after six months, earning around £22k straight out of uni, the better question might be why wouldnt you study finance?

Finance will set you up for a career in one of a hundred different disciplines. You will specialise in certain modules during the second and third year of your degree, which will help you tailor your skills to certain industries. Many universities will also offer sandwich years, meaning your degree will be four years, with the third spent with a company.

Some modules you may study are:

  • Accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Business ethics

Accountancy is one of the most popular career choices for a finance graduate. Often seen as a job-for-life, accountancy is a fantastic option, but one that will likely require further professional training and education. More general careers include those within corporations like financial analysts and finance managers, where you are responsible for overseeing and managing a companys assets. A finance degree is useful across the entire business spectrum, and in any sector, meaning you can apply for public sector, private sector, government, and international careers.

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The 30 Best Master Of Finance Degree Programs

There are lots of options for those interested in pursuing a Master of Finance degree. Finance is a thriving career track that attracts ambitious individuals to large companies ranging from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. Students who want to break into the industry at a higher than entry-level position often choose to pursue a graduate degree in finance, financial engineering, or business administration. If youre interested in enrolling in such a program, then the following list is sure to be of interest. Weve compiled a selection of the 30 best Master of Finance degree programs in the U.S.

Ranking Methodology

To come up with our ranking of the top Master of Finance degrees, we began by making a list of more than 50 Master of Finance and M.B.A. in Finance programs. To narrow down our list to the 30 best programs, we used the following points system.

Annual Graduate Tuition :

Finance Jobs Continue To Grow

The 20 highest

Finance and accounting jobs have been a popular choice for many years, and they continue to grow. As globalization and finance technology increase and change, the need for expert financial professionals will remain steady. While most finance companies, such as banks and investment firms, hire individuals with the above job titles, companies across all industries need qualified financial employees. Earning a finance and accounting degree can be your ticket to a satisfying and stable career in the world of finance, investing, and business.

Unlike other online degrees, Northeastern Universitys signature experiential learning model allows students to graduate with real-world experience along with a diploma. To learn more, explore our program page or connect with an enrollment coach to get your questions answered.

Editors note: This article was originally published in April 2019. It has since been updated for recency.

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What Work Can I Do In Finance

Finance is a broad career field with multiple career paths available. You might spend your days focused on the budget of an individual, a large corporation, or even a department of your local government. No matter which route you take, your career will be dedicated to helping others find financial success. You’ll analyze financial data to help people or organizations make the best financial decisions possible, and you’ll offer solutions to help improve their financial situations.

Some popular careers include:

Do I Need To Be Good At Maths To Study Finance

Maths is important when applying for a finance degree, as well as while studying it. You should put your time and energy into achieving a good grade, but dont give up if you dont get what you were hoping for. Finance is broad, and other subjects like business studies are also attractive to universities.

Chat with students, ask questions, and share experiences.

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