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Familiarize Yourself With Concepts And Tools

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Once you’ve learned programming languages, you should become familiar with commonly used tools and concepts that machine learning engineers use. For instance, many engineers use tools such as Spark, TensorFlow, and Apache Kafka, so make sure you know how to use those. You will also be tasked with training chatbots or virtual assistants, so you need to understand informational retrieval, natural language processing, and regression models.

Communication And Collaboration Skills

As an AI engineer, you will be working extensively on data. Thus, your stakeholders will be depending on you to solve their critical problems. To do that, you need to communicate your findings in an efficient manner. Having good communication skills will also make you go to places and establish a good rapport with the stakeholders.

What Are The Different Roles In Artificial Intelligence Career

Here are the different roles for artificial intelligence engineer that you can apply for a successful career and get your dream job in MNCs eight away.

  • You can apply for the role of software analyst and the developer.
  • You can apply for a computer scientist role or an AI engineer.
  • You could be an algorithm specialist too if you love challenges.
  • If you can study more, then the research scientist or engineering consultant is the right profile for you.
  • The next popular role is the mechanical engineer and the maintenance engineer.
  • You can also apply for the job profile of manufacturing or electrical engineers.
  • With hands-on experience in robotics tools, you can enter the world of robots and get a huge salary package right away.
  • The military department is also the ultimate choice for aspiring career growth in the future.

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Which Industries Are Hiring Ai Professionals

There are over 15,000 jobs in AI listed on today. Organizations across a wide range of industries are hiring. The industry with the most number of open AI careers appears to be technology with companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Adobe, IBM, Intel, etc. hiring for AI roles.

Closely following this are also consulting majors such as PWC, KPMG, Accenture, etc. Healthcare organizations are hiring moreGlaxoSmithKline has multiple open AI-related positions. Retail players like Walmart and Amazon and media companies like Warner and Bloomberg are also hiring.

Is Artificial Intelligence A Good Career

Top 5 Career Paths in Artificial Intelligence

The field of artificial intelligence has a tremendous career outlook, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 31.4 percent, by 2030, increase in jobs for data scientists and mathematical science professionals, which are crucial to AI.

AI also includes intriguing subfields such as computer vision, and it encompasses machine learning, which is teaching machines to perfect and improve skills on their own. Machine learning jobs are expected to be worth $31 billion by 2024, a growth of 40 percent over six years, according to a Forbes estimate.

AI also offers the ability to work in a variety of fields and with life-changing technology. AI helps medical professionals find and diagnose diseases. Transportation uses AI in technology such as self-driving vehicles, businesses use AI to crunch and analyze performance figures and manufacturers use AI to assemble equipment. The jobs pay well, with an average base salary of $125,000 a year, and an AI career is future-proof because it is a component of so many cutting-edge, forward-thinking advancements.

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Difference Between Ai And Machine Learning

These two terms are correlated to each other and use interchangeably. For this reason, it creates lots of confusion in many of us brain.

But, they are not the same term. Lets understand with an example to clear our wrong perception.

If AI is tree then ML is one of the main Branch of tree

As we know, Artificial Intelligence is Smart then who makes it smart? Off course the Data and who feeds that data to AI? Yes, you are absolutely right Machine Learning provide the data to AI.

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. We can say that the backbone of AI is Machine Learning.

Without Machine Learning machine cant able to perform any task on its own.

Therefore you have to get some knowledge of ML if you opt for Artificial Intelligence as a career option.

If you want to learn about Machine Learning and want to know various ML career paths, then do check our article: Machine Learning Career Path

To become successful in the Artificial Intelligence career path you must have a clear understanding of how machine learns from scratch.

Without ML AI is completely zero i.e. without ML there is a point of AI

The Foundational Skill Set For Ai

AI and Machine learning are inter-related but ML merely is a subfield of AI. Both fields are huge and both are in high demand. Everyone going into AI needs to be well-grounded in machine learning.

For anyone who is venturing into the AI/ML area, Python makes sense to start with. Also, a little knowledge in other languages might be necessary: R, C/C++, Java, also Scala is getting really high in demand.

But AI is actually so broad and there are so many layers of knowledge it relies on. Aside from knowing these current data science languages, other technical skills are required such as statistical learning, decision trees, neural networks , etc.

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Salary Range And Job Outlook

The outlook is quite bright for artificial intelligence jobs, good news for anyone working in the growing field of AI. In fact, machine learning engineers and data scientists have made the top of the list on Indeedâs Best Jobs for the past few years .

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics groups careers in artificial intelligence with computer and information research scientists and notes the employment of computer and information research scientists is projected to grow 22 percent from 2020 to 2030 . This is much faster than average. In 2021, the median yearly wage for this job was $131,490, according to the BLS.

Glassdoor reports salaries, which include base pay plus compensation, for the following AI jobs in the US as of June 2022:

  • Artificial intelligence engineer:$120,017

  • Computer vision engineer: $123,665

  • Data scientist: $121,275

What If I Miss A Class

5 Career Paths in Artificial intelligence

If you end up missing a class, then you can contact our support team. Our team will further assist you in scheduling another session for the same topic so that you can catch up with the rest.

Also, all the sessions are recorded and shared with all participants in the LMS . You can also refer to these recorded sessions for the missed class.

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Who Is An Ai Developer

AI Engineers build, test, and deploy AI models, as well as maintain the underlying AI infrastructure. An artificial intelligence programmer helps develop operating software that can be used for robots, artificial intelligence programs, or other artificial intelligence applications. They may work closely with electrical engineers or robotics engineers and others in order to produce systems that utilize artificial intelligence. Automation, robotics, and the use of sophisticated computer software and programs characterize a career in artificial intelligence . Candidates interested in pursuing jobs in this field require specific education based on foundations of math, technology, logic, and engineering perspectives.

AI is a very general term and it has a close relationship with many other fields. Here are some of the relevant jobs for people with AI expertise:

How Can Projectpro Help You Build A Career In Ai

The role of an AI engineer is relatively new in the data industry, but it is here to stay.There is a huge demand in the industry for individuals who possess the skills required to deploy scalable AI applications. Companies of all sizes hire AI engineers to build machine learning products.Another advantage of taking a job as an AI engineer is that if you want, you can easily make the transition into fields like data science, data engineering, software engineering, and machine learning engineering. Also, the pay scale of an AI engineer is a lot higher than that of a software engineer and is also higher than that of a data scientist.

If you are interested in becoming an AI engineer, you can learn all the skills required by yourself by practicing diverse machine learning and AI projects. These AI projects have been vetted and created along with industry experts from Uber, JPMorgan, Paypal to ensure relevance in the AI industry and provide the content that matters the most for mastering AI skills.

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Artificial Intelligence Job Salary On North American Labor Market

In the United States, monetary compensation is as high as the demand for these professionals.

Astounding salaries and super generous employee benefit packages on top – AI scientists are doing so good that they are now being compared to elite professional athletes in the tech industry.

The annual salary for these demanding professionals is starting from 83K. Junior level engineers who are just getting into this field and looking to get more experience can expect up to 100 000 USD, speaking of entry-level positions.

For those who are still developing their skills in AI but already have some experience, the average base pay is 121 000 USD annually and up. A mid-level AI engineer with much higher levels of experience or a specialized experience can expect to make even more.

Once they have high-end expertise, the average annual income is reaching 160K, which is higher than average jobs in the US. For some AI experts, the salaries are spiraling so fast because companies are struggling in hiring AI talent: the required skills are changing as the discipline matures.

The most coveted individuals in the tech sector: machine learning engineer salary and AI scientists salary can expect to be paid 170 K and more.

Artificial Intelligence Job Outlook

Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Career Paths to Pursue

The job outlook for AI professionals is extremely promising, with ZipRecruiter predicting the industry to grow explosively as it becomes capable of accomplishing more tasks.

In an article on Built In, Satya Mallick, founder of Big Vision LLC/Interim CEO,, likened AI to a rocket ship that is taking off. He also explained that even entry-level jobs can pay extremely well. The reason is a huge demand for AI talent and not enough people with the right expertise, he explained.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment of computer and information technology occupations to grow 13% from 2020 to 2030 .

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Are Certain College Degrees Better Than Others

Mallick: Absolutely. A degree from Stanford in AI is worth a lot more than many other universities because you get to work with top researchers who are at the cutting edge of AI research. The choice of your major also makes a huge difference.

Eggers: AI needs all degrees involved. However, basic tech understanding is crucial to participate.

Bryson: We have great students coming to do our masters degree , and often the ones who wound up being the best were those coming from a psychology base. So psychology is a great degree. Math and physics will help you get into machine learning, but they dont necessarily give you the whole perspective on whats going on. Thinking about the dynamics of change is really important for understanding society. Im valuable because I actually build AI and understand how it works, but I also understand how society works.

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has already touched our lives in many ways that you might not notice, for example

  • Suggested Ads pops up in your Facebook feed based upon your searching history or cookies.
  • Have you ever played games such as solitaire, chess, poker etc. and you choose your opponent as a computer? You might not know but your opponent is an AI.
  • Every time we go for google search some kind of AI being used to show us the best possible result.
  • We need a translation between languages to understand different languages especially when we go to other countries. So we use Google translate, which is also using AI.
  • Netflixs movie suggestions based on movies you have watched in the past.

There are a plethora amount of AI examples available today I have listed only a few of them. Nowadays many mobile application and software is based on Artificial Intelligence. Actually, we are quite surrounded by Artificial Intelligence.

This would not be wrong to say Artificial Intelligence technology is growing at a fast pace and adapting all the different markets.

Knowing the above-mentioned examples and various applications, I am assuming you got the answer why Artificial Intelligence technology is creating buzz around the world and so why everybody wants to talk about it and know about it.

That is the reason why you are also here.

So, this is the end of Part 1 of the Artificial Intelligence career path and from now onward we will discuss Part 2.


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What Is Global Teaching Assistance

Our teaching assistants are a devoted team of experts to ensure you pass the AI and Machine Learning certification exams on your first try. From class enrollment through project mentorship and employment aid, they actively engage and effectively contact you to ensure that the course plan is followed and to help you expand your experiential learning.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Ai

How To Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer? | AI Engineer Skills and Roles | Intellipaat

Although there is no denying that artificial intelligences future is bright, many people wonder how to get started in the field and how long it would take to master it. There is no clear answer to this query. In actuality, a variety of things have a role. But if you want the truth, studies have shown that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at any craft. Therefore, you could say that this also applies to machine learning.

Artificial intelligence career:

Advanced ideas like deep learning, reinforcement learning, and unsupervised machine learning could require more time to learn. The length of the curriculum also affects how long it will take you to learn the skill because the majority of people who study artificial intelligence complete a certification program or course.

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Top Five Careers In Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Engineers in this field are highly sought and are considered to be the heart of artificial intelligence projects. Being a machine learning engineer usually requires a background in data science and applied research with an understanding of programming languages like Python, Java and Scala. Machine learning engineers should also have the ability to use natural language processing while working with huge data sets as well as the ability to apply predictive models. Strong mathematical, analytical and programming skills are a must. This position tends to average a salary of $114,856.

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Scientist positions require the scientists to take control of analyzing, collecting and interpreting complex sets of data using both predictive analysis and machine learning while playing an important part in the development of algorithms with the goal of collecting and cleaning up data to be analyzed. Data scientists should understand programming languages like Perl, Python and Scala and be comfortable with data platforms like Pig, Spark, hive and Hadoop. These positions often pay $120,000 a year.

  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Research Scientist
  • Big Data Engineer/Architect
  • Those interested in taking on a career in artificial intelligence could look into companies like Amazon, NVIDIA, Microsoft. Facebook, Intel, PCO Innovation, Rakuten Marketing, Wells Fargo, IBM, Samsung, MoTek Technologies, Lenovo, Adobe and even Uber.

    Career Path: How To Become A Machine Learning Engineer

    Machine Learning Engineering is an IT role concerned with deep learning. It is projected to continue its rise in popularity as more industries begin to understand the value of investing in deep learning technologies, which is seen particularly in media, healthcare and manufacturing sectors. These engineers are adept at creating technologies embedded with AI, artificial intelligence, which allows the machine to complete an intended task without being prompted to do so. Common examples of what Machine Learning Engineers work on include self-driving cars for Uber and programming tailore…more

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    Obtain A Bachelors Degree In Computer Information Science

    The first step in becoming an AI engineer involves learning the foundations of artificial intelligence: computer information science. Most employers will require a bachelors degree in bachelors degree in computer information science or computer science to demonstrate that you have mastered the basics of programming and algorithms.

    Ai Engineers: Your Career Guide

    How To Become An Artificial Intelligence Engineer

    AI engineers lead technology’s charge into the future. AI engineering was among 2021’s top emerging jobs, . With an increasing demand for trained artificial intelligence professionals, AI engineer salaries and job outlook are as strong as ever.

    AI engineers combine engineering, computer science, and machine learning principles to give machines problem-solving abilities. Read on to learn more about life as an AI engineer.

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    What Is An Artificial Intelligence Engineer

    Artificial intelligence engineers develop theories, methods, and techniques to develop algorithms that simulate human intelligence. Companies use artificial intelligence to improve their decisions and production strategy. Todays machines can process large volumes of data accurately and quickly.

    Artificial intelligence engineers can further specialize in machine learning or deep learning. While machine learning is based on decision trees and algorithms, deep learning is based on neural networks.

    A common application of artificial intelligence is predicting consumer preferences in retail stores and online environments. has predictive algorithms to examine a shoppers behavior and suggest similar items for purchase. The shopper is shown these items before the point of purchase which may result in increased sales for the retailer.

    Similarly, artificial intelligence can prevent drivers from causing car accidents due to judgment errors. This can save lives and promote safety on the roads. Popular products within artificial intelligence include self-driving cars, automated financial investing, social media monitoring, and predictive e-commerce tools that increase retailer sales.

    The artificial intelligence engineers role goes beyond basic computer programming. Engineers are expected to develop programs that enable machines and software to predict human behavior based on past actions and individualized information.

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