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How To Renew Your Cna License In Ohio:

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The state of Ohio requires you to renew a CNA license every 2 years. Within 2 years, you must complete 48-hours of in-service training and provide proof of at least one day of paid service in order to maintain an active status as you renew your CNA license in Ohio. If you fail to complete renewal, you may have to repeat the entirety of the training process. The Ohio Department of Health oversees the CNA/STNA training, certification, and renewal process. All registered CNAs/STNAs must graduate from an accredited program and have an active license.

For additional information about state licensing, renewal, and certification contact:

Ohio Department of Health

Cna Job Outlook And Salary In Ohio

CNAs are in demand in Ohio, and the demand is expected to increase over about this decade. Overall employment of CNAs in Ohio is projected to grow by 3.5% from 2018 to 2028. As a CNA in Ohio, you can expect to earn a median salary of $31,773 per year.

To get a detailed picture, take a look at CNA employment and salary situation in different metro areas in Ohio below:


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Stna Classes In Ohio:

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STNA Certification Requirements

Ohio nurse aides must obtain state certification before providing direct care services at long term care facilities. Under federal and state laws, nurse aide students can provide services, for which theyve been trained, for a period of 4 months. During the non-renewable grace period, the student must fulfill the states requirements for training, testing and certification. Employers must verify a nurse aides active status on the registry before extending an offer of employment. Employers must also notify the registry of any charges of neglect, abuse and misappropriation of patients property.

Prospective nurse aides can obtain placement on the registry through several routes. One of the most common modes of inclusion is to complete a state-approved program, before taking the competency exam administered by D& S Technologies. Candidates, who successfully pass both components of the exam, qualify for automatic inclusion on the registry once they meet the other requirements, such as criminal background clearance. Nursing students, registered nurses, foreign nurses and military-trained nurse assistants may apply to the Department of Health for permission to skip training and challenge the exam.

Prerequisites to Training

Following are some other prerequisites to training:

Ohio STNA Requirements

Cost of STNA Training Ohio

Nurse Aide Testing

Certification Costs

Out-of-State CNAs

How Long Does It Take To Become A Stna In Ohio

Gwyneth Elking

The obligatory training hours for the Ohio state-approved programs are 75, and split into 59 hours of classroom study and 16 hours of skills training by a registered nurse who has at least two years experience. Courses are offered from Monday to Friday with both day or evening batches that can be completed faster if youre enrolled during the daytime program instead of evenings.

Classroom Session
  • Reporting health updates to the doctors, etc.

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Choosing The Best Cna Programs In Ohio

In order to become acertified nursing assistant, aspiring STNAs must complete a state-approvedtraining course and pass their state’s certification exam. In Ohio, trainingprograms generally take only a few weeks to complete. For information about admissionsrequirements for CNA training programs in Ohio, visit our CNA Training Programs Admissions page.

  • Program Length: STNA training programs in Ohio must include a minimum of 75 hours of instruction including 59 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of hands-on training in a long-term care facility. Training programs are offered in a number of technical schools and healthcare facilities throughout the state.
  • Program Cost: The cost of a CNA training program varies from school to school. In some cases, healthcare employers may reimburse employees for the cost of their STNA training programs. As one example of program costs, the STNA program at Premier Choice Health Services in Columbus costs $385, which includes textbooks and lab materials.

Nurse Assistant Training Classes

American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training classes are offered throughout the United States and can prepare you for a career as a licensed or certified nursing assistant . Our comprehensive and balanced classes for students interested in becoming CNAs/LNAs consist of three components that must be successfully completed in order for a student to graduate.

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How To Verify Your Cna License In Ohio:

If you are out-of-state and already a CNA, you can obtain a license and CNA recertification in Ohio by downloading the initial application form at the Ohio Department of Health. If have completed your CNA training process and CNA state exam, D & S Diversified Technologies offers a tutorial explaining how the CNA/STNA certification is registered in the state of Ohio. For further instructions you can contact D & S Diversified Technologies Director of Operations at 851-2355.

Ohio State Approved Stna Classes And Requirements

Apollo Career Center Students Share Their WHY

Certified nurse assistants play a critical role on the health care team. They deliver basic care to residents in long term care facilities and patients in the home setting. With a 20% projected growth in the industry for the next decade, its a good time to become a CNA. But before you take that step, you must enroll in a training program approved by the Ohio Department of Health. The training prepares students for the state competency testing, which is required for placement on the Ohios Nurse Aide Registry. Many nursing colleges in Ohio require applicants to complete STNA training as a prerequisite to enrollment, so training can be an avenue to a new career or a first step to a nursing degree.

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Become A State Tested Nurse Aide And Learn Basic Nursing Care

A nurse aide performs everyday tasks under the supervision of nursing and medical staff. Apollos State Tested Nurse Aide program is designed to prepare the nurse aide for the mandatory State Nurse Aide test in just a few short weeks.

The Nurse Aide Training Program is a 76-hour course with new class sessions being offered every month. It includes 60 hours of classroom lecture with hands-on training in the lab and 16 hours of clinical experience. The clinical hours are off site and conducted in a long-term care facility. These hours will be assigned within the first week of class, and are in addition to the classroom dates and hours posted.

The curriculum includes: Infection control, communication and interpersonal skills, safety and emergency procedures, residents rights, promoting residents independence, basic nursing skills, restorative services, personal care skills, mental health and social service needs.

Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be a prepared nurse aide, equipped to provide hands on personal and basic nursing care to patients under the supervision of a licensed nurse. A certificate of completion is given to each successful candidate, and the student is then registered to take the mandatory State Test. The State Test is approximately 2-4 weeks following the completion of the Nurse Aide Training Program. The student can work with the certificate of course completion prior to taking the State Test.


The Stna Test In Ohio

The Ohio STNA state exam is distributed by D & S Diversified Technologies and they provide a multitude of information to help you succeed in the examination process, including a free CNA practice test, applications, and test site locations and times. In order to schedule your test you can call the D & S Diversified Technologies Director of Operations at 851-2355, or find out how to schedule your D & S Diversified Technologies Ohio State Exam online by watching this tutorial. In order to find the most updated Ohio CNA test schedule click here.You will also need to have completed theOhio Testing and Registry Applicationand bring it to your exam, along with the testing fees.

The STNA test in Ohio comprises of two portions: a written exam, and a clinical skills evaluation. Both are administered on the same day, D & S Diversified Technologies recommends applicants to plan 6 hours for the entire CNA exam. The written exam has 79 multiple choice questions in English. If English is your second language, you are able to opt out and take the written exam orally. You can take CNA classes en español as well. The skills examination requires the nurse aide evaluator to supervise you performing 5 skills randomly selected in 35 minutes or less. Theses skills are selected out of 25, for more information in preparing for the skills test click here. The state of Ohio requires at least an 80% on each of the 5 skills tested, and on the written portion.

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Vantage School Board Ends Fiscal Year 2022

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent editor

Finances and personnel were the focus of Thursdays meeting of the Vantage Career Center Board of Education meeting.

The board closed the book on fiscal year 2022 by approving final revenues and appropriations. The fiscal year ends June 30, and Treasurer Laura Peters said final expenditures will total $14.2 million while final revenues will come in at $14.8 million.

Scott Truxell/Van Wert independent

Board members also approved the transfer of up to $250,000 from the general fund to adult education for fiscal year 2022 and another $85,000 for fiscal year 2023. $225,040 was transferred from the general fund to the maintenance fund.

Temporary revenues and appropriations were approved for the next fiscal year, with estimated revenues at $13.6 million and projected expenditures at $13.9 million. Peters said adjustments will be made in the fall.

The board also approved a resolution to place a 0.8 mill levy renewal for current expenses on the November ballot. According to Peters, the levy generates $1.1 million annually.

Superintendent Rick Turner honored B-K Tool & Design of Kalida and St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School with OSBA Business Honor Roll Recognition certificates and praised both for their support of Vantage.

A number of personnel moves were approved by the board, including:

Board members also approved an adult education pay rate of $30 per hour for LPN-RN instructors.

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How To Select The Right Training Program For You

AAUW Our Presenters

Even though there is not a handbook on the ways to pick the perfect State Tested Nursing Assistant training, there are factors to consider.

As soon as you start looking, youll find a wide selection of classes, but just what exactly must you try to look for when deciding on State Tested nursing assistant programs?

First of all, figure out if the training program has been endorsed or accredited through the Ohio Board of Nursing or perhaps a key overseeing body like the NNAAP. Although they are not as necessary as the accreditation status, you might like to check out several of the following things too:

  • Educate yourself on anything and everything you can with regards to the program including its track record
  • Exactly what is the institutions certification test success level
  • Price of education versus competing training programs or training centers

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Apollo Career Center District

Apollo Career Center has been serving adult and high school students since 1976. The 610 square mile district encompasses 11 high schools and all or part of 5 counties. We are proud to partner with the area Chambers of Commerce, business and industry, and local schools and colleges to enhance the opportunities for all students. As the governing body, the Board of Education represents each member school to ensure a quality education and a great learning experience for each student.

Holiday Message From Apollo Career Center

The following message was issued by Apollo Career Center on December 1, 2022.

Happy Holidays from Apollo Career Center!

All of us at Apollo Career Center sincerely thank you and the community for supporting Apollos maintenance renewal levy. The continous support we receive throughout the year is greatly appreciated and never taken for granted.

One of the ways that we serve this region is through Apollo’s robust adult education programming. We offer Health Care, Manufacturing, Welding, Public Safety, Truck Driving and High School Diploma/GED, etc. In 2021, which was still impacted by COVID, students achieved 30 Licensed Practical Nurse credentials, 84 Commercial Driver Licenses , and 129 State Tested Nurse Aide credentials. This student success speaks to the commitment and quality of Apollo staff and the hard work of our students. We are proud of both.

As one of the top Adult Education/Ohio Technical Centers in the state, individuals also benefit from online classes, special interest classes, customized training, and an excellent Financial Aid Department to assist with grants, loans and the FAFSA.

We continue to seek ways to increase our licensed and certified graduates with creative scheduling and expanded offerings to give back to our community and meets its economic and workforce needs. You can learn more about Adult Education programs at

Wishing you a healthy, prosperous and Happy New Year for each of you.


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How To Become A Stna In Ohio

Some states have different names for certified nursing assistants, In some states they are referred to as CNAs or Caregivers and in others Orderlies. In Ohio, theyre known as State Tested Nursing Assistants but all of these different names come with the same responsibility: To care for those who need it most.

In order to be a STNA in Ohio, you need to follow the following process. First, select a training program and meet pre-requisite requirements for training. Second, complete the programs courses including nursing courses and clinical hours. Third, take and pass the certification exam administered by Ohio Board of Nursing.

Procedure For The Ohio Stna Certification Exam

Career Based Intervention Senior Honors

After completing the required training hours you can take the STNA certification exam. This exam requires students to take two tests: a written test and clinical skills evaluation, which includes 79 multiple choice questions that need be solved within 90 minutes. For those who cannot read English or are uncomfortable with reading it, an oral version can also be taken instead of just the written one make sure to mentioned that on your examination application form.

In a clinical skills test, five randomly chosen and assigned skills are given to candidates who must perform them within 35 minutes while supervised by an evaluator. One of these will be hand washing for sure. Make sure you pass both tests with at least 80% score. Failure in even a single skill will require retaking the skills test all over again next time.

Exam Type

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Vantage Career Center June Board Of Education Meeting

June 10, 2019 by Karen Donaldson

The Vantage Board of Education held their June Board meeting on Thursday, June 6, 2019 in the District Conference room. Central Mutual Insurance and Unverferth Manufacturing were both honored at the beginning of the meeting in recognition of them being named to the Ohio School Board Associations 2019 Business Honor Roll. They were presented with a certificate and letter on behalf of Vantage Career Center and the Ohio School Board Association.

During the board meeting, Minutes from the May 2, 2019 regular Board meeting were approved along with financial statements for the month of April, 2019. A renewal of Participation Agreement with Ohio Schools Risk Sharing Authority was approved along with the 2020 Vantage Career Center Revised Tax Budget and the amended appropriations and revenues for FY19.

Ohio Technical Center director Missy McClurg began by discussing the changes to the Practical Nursing handbook for the 2019-2020 school. She congratulated 13 high school students who successfully earned their class A CDL licenses. Mrs. McClurg acknowledged students who have earned scholarships to attend the OTC in the fall and spoke about the Police Academy graduation, along with the upcoming PNP and Medical Assistant graduations. She concluded by updating the board on the current enrollment numbers for next year.

In new business, the Board:

Resolution to accept the Building Directors annual wellness reports based on the Wellness Committee review

Nurse Aide Certification Examination

After you receive this Certificate of Completion, you will apply to take the Nurse Aide Training Competency examination. This test includes both a written portion and practical applications/skills. Both sections are administered at a general test site and pre-registration is necessary for all testing. In most cases, any applicable fees for this examination will be paid by your Employer. You will have three chances to successfully pass the NATCEP exam. If you do not pass it within three tries, you will need to repeat the training program and test again in the future.

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Nursing Assistant Refresher Course

If you have tried getting certified as a nursing assistant but had not been successful, there is still hope for you. You can take a refresher course and get the skills necessary to pass the exam. This way you can qualify to get your nursing assistant certification renewed and get a job as a nurses aide in the state you are in. However, if you have not yet taken the exam, then a CNA refresher course is not for you. If you have not yet taken a formal nurse aide training program you should first enroll in a college, or an approved training facility to get the necessary basic instruction and experience you need.

From here, you may be wondering what a refresher course is. This course is like a skill workshop where you will go through the basic skills that a nursing assistant should know. This is a good training program for people who have passed the certification but had it lapsed. From here, they can regain their certification if they pass the NNAAP competency exam. The CNA Refresher course will help you succeed in that area. It will help you review the basic skills and concepts that you have learned so that you can reapply them as you take the exam.

For further information visit this page to find the CNA Registry for your state. Contacting a representative from your stateâs registry can help you with access to resources and the current requirements for certification.

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