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High Value Skills To Build As A Software Test Engineer

The Career Paths in Software Engineering

If you’re a Software Test Engineer and are planning to move into a similar profession or alternative career, it’s important to build the right skill sets to position you for your next career. We analyzed thousands of career transitions in your industry and identified the highest value skills to build as a Software Test Engineer. Building these skills will set you up for the most number of the above careers.

  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Committed To Professional Development

At Fidelity, we are constantly adapting to the changing needs of our customers, new technologies, and better ways of working. And we empower our employees to do the same, with an emphasis on developing skills and connections that will help propel you forward in your career while being able to make an impact for Fidelitys customers around the world.

Why Do We Need To Think Beyond The Engineer

Argument A: Looking at the recent trends in attrition among IT companies, there is more fear of layoffs than ever before. IT companies have finally realized that money needs to be spent on increasing Quality, not Quantity.

Argument B: For employees with less than 4 years of experience, one can assume that many end up in IT support projects which generally follow either Time & Money model or Fixed Billing model. These projects fulfil experience requirement for Service Industry, not Product, and thereby, make the employees less adaptable in changing dynamics of IT and vulnerable to the Automation fear.

But is it true? Why do you think the employees are less adaptable? Is it because of the models these IT service projects follow? I guess no. Whatever be the case, Individuals are responsible for their skill development.

Argument C: Analyzing recent trends

IT companies are focussing on their own product line: TCS has rolled out iON for national entrance exams, BANCS for the banking industry. Infosys already has Finacle which competes with BANCS in Banking and financial sector.

IT companies are investing in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and CRM software and other developments. Therefore, a projected increase in demand is likely for the skilled workforce in Design, Product, and Pre-Sales.

To think beyond Engineer-IT tag is to narrow down on individual competencies and then extend career trajectory by defining whether MBA/MS can really help in the process?

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Computer Science Career Outlook

Computing is part of nearly everything we do nowadays. In fact, coding classes have been introduced to US schools in recent years due to the increasing importance of computing. Challenges in this field can range from the mundane to the complex. It is also a big part of different innovations, such as the development of an AIDS vaccine and the human genome project .

In general, the demand for computer and information technology occupations is predicted to grow 11% from 2019 to 2029 in the US. This advancement is much faster on average compared to occupations in other fields . But perhaps it is because of that immense surge in demand that there would be 1.4 million jobs needing to be filled.

In 2019, only 47,906 computer science degrees were awarded. This figure is projected to go up by 8.11% in the coming years . Such is an optimistic sign though there is still a long way to go before the job gap is filled.

Job Role

Data Analyst / Business Analyst / Business Intelligence

CAE Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Review, analyze and evaluate business and user needs. Documenting and analyzing gathered data which is then communicated to both a business and developer team. This is quite often a choice for programmer seeking for a career change as you act as sort of a bridge between business needs and a technical team.

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The Expertise You Have

  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Engineering.
  • 7+ years experience developing modern web applications using JavaScript or TypeScript technology stack and SPA frameworks like Angular
  • 2+ years experience using Node JS, Express JS, Nest JS or GraphQL to develop web application backend APIs.
  • Good experience with Test Automation and Frameworks like Jest, Protractor, Mocha, Jasmine or Cypress.
  • Comfortable building and deploying software using Continuous Integration/ Deployment tools like Jenkins.
  • Proven experience in building and deploying software solutions utilizing public cloud provider services like AWS.

Alternative Career Paths For Software Developers

Not sure what career path to take as a software engineer? Here are some promising no-code career options for software developers.

Software Developers have many options to branch out into non-coding careers, even as they leverage their technical experience and knowledge.

Given the broad scope of software development applications, semi-technical and technical-adjacent positions are available in all industry sectors. Here’s a look at a few such positions in diverse fields.

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What Else Can Software Developers Do

This realization got me thinking: “What other jobs can software engineers do besides write software?”

The list is surprisingly long.

This post will go through many of the career paths available to software developers, especially recent bootcamp graduates. I’ll explain what each job does, how you can get your foot in the door, and the long-term prospects.

Whether you’re looking for an alternate career path because you haven’t found a job as an engineer or because you realized software development wasn’t for you, this guide will help you find a career fit for your skillset.

How Can I Advance My Career In Computer Science

Career Paths for Software Engineers | IT Career | Intellipaat

There are industrial and academic roles that require candidates to hold a degree higher than a bachelors. This means they must either have a masters degree or a doctorate. In some cases, a masters degree would suffice but certain roles necessitate a Ph.D. If you are looking to take on the challenges of graduate studies, this information may help in your career development plan.

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What Can I Do With A Bachelors Degree In Computer Science

Machine Learning Engineer

AI and data science in the enterprise field have given rise to the role of machine learning engineer. Between computer science vs computer engineering graduates, those who have a degree in the latter are often tasked to produce the machine learning models developed in a lab. In a nutshell, they are programmers who have an in-depth knowledge of modeling.

Median salary: $120,161 per year

Software Developer

Software developers are the minds behind computer programs and applications. But their job does not end with creating the softwareit continues with the maintenance and further development of updates and upgrades.

Median salary: $110,140 per year

Information Security Analyst

A strong grasp of cybersecurity is necessary for this role. This is because information security analysts are responsible for planning and implementing security measures to protect an organizations networks and systems.

Median salary: $107,310 per year

Required Skills For Computer Science

Computer science is more than just being able to use a computer. It also entails cloud computing, data collection and storage, and information security . A wide array of skills is required of an individual in any of the professions in computer science. Particularly, one has to be learned in coding and programming. There are language requirements in this regard, but it varies from organization to organization. Apart from essential skills, there are general skills, such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. A computer science professional works with a team, thus, making those skills as important as computing skills.

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Are There Any Other Careers That Use Programming Skills

There are many other careers that use programming skills. Some other options include systems administrator, database administrator, web developer, and mobile developer. Programming skills are also useful for careers in fields such as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. In addition, many software engineers eventually become managers or move into other executive roles.

Computer Science: A Flourishing Field

Software Engineer Learning Path

Computer science is a flourishing field. The employment outlook, in general, is 11% and this growth is predicted to continue until 2029. Demand for various jobs in the sector is high and quite a few are even above the national average. Moreover, computer science salary is lucrative. There are jobs that pay more than $50,000 a year . Plus, there are professions that breach the $ 100,000-a-year mark.

Since computer science is a broad field, computer science professionals can focus on specializations, too. Because of that, it is important to set career goals early, as some professions in computer science require expertise or familiarity in specific areas.

But if being in the computer industry is not for you in the long run, there are options where a computer science major could come in handy. You can even consider changing track to internet marketing. As more things become entangled with computing, there will be more professional roles where a computer science degree would be beneficial.

Further, it should be noted that there is a gender gap in computer science as well as in engineering. A study by Ehrlinger and colleagues from Washington State University, Florida State University, Prairie View A& M University, and Austin State University touched on the topic.

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Alternative Careers For Burned

So you’re thinking about leaving IT — but you’re not sure what to do instead. Here are a few alternative fields where you might be able to use your talents in more satisfying ways.

I recently wrote an article that caused a bit of a stir. That article, 10 reasons for quitting IT, brought to my inbox an onslaught of email agreeing with my reasons and/or asking for advice on where to turn. After giving it some thought, I decided I would take a stab at a follow-up article to try to address the question What should I do instead? Here are a few possible alternative career choices for admins and consultants wanting to get out of IT.

Some of these ideas might make perfect sense, whereas others might make you say, Huh? Either way, look at them as suggestions that are related to your current field which you may or may not have already thought about. The relation to IT might be a bit of a stretch in some cases, but for others it will be quite obvious.

Note: This article is also available as a .

The Booming Demand For Ai And Related Talents

Cybersecurity Manager

Because it is a managerial position, it requires a masters degree although one may rise to the position if he or she is exemplary and has demonstrated what it takes. This role requires the professional to devise strategies to prevent infiltrations or attacks by cybercriminals on an organizations networks and systems.

Median salary: $134,260 per year

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High Value Skills To Build As A Java Software Engineer

If you’re a Java Software Engineer and are planning to move into a similar profession or alternative career, it’s important to build the right skill sets to position you for your next career. We analyzed thousands of career transitions in your industry and identified the highest value skills to build as a Java Software Engineer. Building these skills will set you up for the most number of the above careers.

What Else Can A Computer Scientist Do

7 Alternative Careers for Engineers Who DON’T Want To Be Engineers Anymore

Internet Marketing Specialist

Being a marketer in the digital age requires advanced knowledge of the ins and outs of the internet. A computer science degree can come in handy in this regard. This makes you well-informed of how to accurately and better reach the desired audience.

Median salary: $42,477 per year

Help Desk Support

A computer science degree, whether associates or bachelors, can help you in a job concerning help desks. With your know-how of computing and programming, you can assist individuals in resolving issues with their software or devices.

Median salary: $53,808 per year

Technical Writer

A technical writer is a professional information communicator. They make it easy to understand complex and technical information. Technical communicators are also the ones behind instruction manuals and how-to guides.

Median salary: $77,920 per year

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Sales & Marketing Engineer

This isn’t a core sales or marketing role as much as it’s about assisting and advising the people in these roles. Sales and marketing engineers help salespeople, marketing folks, advertising professionals, managers, and clients understand the ins and outs of a software product or service, its technical aspects, and so on.

They also provide technical assistance in realizing marketing goals in addition to data collection, collation, and analyses. Technical Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Engineer, and Sales Engineer are a few terms used to advertise these positions.

Can You Get A Computer Science Job With Just A Certificate

Yes, you can get a computer science job with just a certificate. Typically, roles and responsibilities like customer support, IT and network support, software testing, and writing test software accept candidates with a certificate in computer science. Additionally, it is possible to move on to bigger roles after you have accumulated experience and learned additional skills.

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What Are Examples Of Professions That Are Similar To A Hardware Engineer

Job titles that are especially common for a Hardware Engineer to move into include Electrical Engineer, Application Specific Integrated Circuit Design Engineer, Firmware Engineer, Digital Design Engineer, Validation Engineer, Embedded Software Engineer, Electronic Engineer and Electrical Design Engineer.

Concise And Informative List For Programmers Seeking A Career Change

Software Engineer Titles List

So you ended up as a programmer but you seek for a career change? You love modern technology but dont want to code eight hours a day? Or youre a computer science graduate searching for fields where your skills could be applied? As a number and demand for programmers is skyrocketing so is the number of people who are trying to get on a different track.

If you want to stay in tech and use your existing programming or technological knowledge this list could be of a great help. I categorized job titles based on a field you might be interested in.

Note: Take job descriptions in more of a general context, since many of those roles can vary from company to a company. Some of the titles are senior roles meaning they require longer experience.


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What Are Some Important Skills A Civil Engineer Can Take Into A New Career

A civil engineering degree can help you develop all kinds of important skills. A civil engineering degree will teach you the skills youll need to solve engineering problems, analyze data, and communicate your findings. Civil engineers develop competence with computers and software, too. Many alternative jobs for civil engineers require these skills, including construction, design, surveying, and more. Thats why a civil engineering degree is so valuable. Many employers will gladly hire a person with a civil engineering degree.


Similar Job Titles To A Software Test Engineer

These job titles are similar to the Software Test Engineer role, and are often used interchangeably by companies. For example, some employers may refer to a Software Test Engineer as either a Software Quality Assurance Engineer or a Quality Assurance Engineer.

A Software Quality Assurance Engineer shares 93% of core skills with a Software Test Engineer.

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Benefits With You In Mind

Benefits for your whole life thats what youll find at Fidelity.

Youll find everything from perks that makes your daily life better to those big-picture, life-changing resources to support you at all stages of your life. We have an amazing package of benefits and programs designed to help you thrive both in and outside of work.

High Value Skills To Build As A Software Architect

What’s it like to be a software engineer?

If you’re a Software Architect and are planning to move into a similar profession or alternative career, it’s important to build the right skill sets to position you for your next career. We analyzed thousands of career transitions in your industry and identified the highest value skills to build as a Software Architect. Building these skills will set you up for the most number of the above careers.

  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Requirements Analysis

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Quality Assurance Or Test Engineer

While there are subtle differences between quality assurance and test engineers, both deal with testing software before it goes live.

If you have an eye for detail and you like coming up with creative ways to automate repetitive tasks, this could be a great career path. It will likely require some coding as well as some manual testing work.

Smaller companies have their software engineers test each other’s code, so dedicated test and QA roles are most common in large organizations. There is a lot of variance between how companies do testing, so be sure to ask about the tools they use, how automated their tests are, and how much your role will entail manual vs. automated tests.

Alternative Career Paths That Software Developers Can Grow Into

Over the past five years, I’ve given dozens of guest lectures at many of the coding bootcamps in Chicago.

A few questions never fail to come up: “Which language should I learn next?“, “How can I prepare for technical interviews?“, “Are you hiring?”

But one question that threw me off was, “What if I don’t want to be a software developer?”

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. After almost a decade leading product and engineering teams, I realized I was ready for a new challenge, so this summer, I started freelance technical writing. I didn’t know it when I got my first client, but I quickly realized that technical writing is one of many valid career paths for former software engineers.

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