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Academy For Careers In Television and Film

    The TV & Film Academy offers students the opportunity to work in a variety of hands-on settings, producing works that require not only creativity, but also problem-solving skills. The courses are designed to introduce students to the production side of the television and film industry, while offering opportunities to work with professionals as well. Students in the TV & Film Academy participate in a variety of projects, including commercials, music videos, short films, visual and special effects, and sitcoms.

    The TV & Film Academy is also the home of THS TV, Thompson High Schools student-run newscast. THS TV allows students the opportunity to work in all areas of production, including behind-the-scenes and on-camera for news programs, our Hey Coach show, live sports events such as football games, and other sports and entertainment programming.

    In the TV & Film Academy, students work in depth with creative software such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects, with a goal of Adobe Certification at the completion of the program.

  • Credentials/Certifications
  • Adobe Certified Associate Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Certified Associate – After Effects
  • NOCTI Job Ready Assessment
  • NOCTI Career Pathway Assessment

Academy For Careers In Television And Film

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Documentarian Alexandra Pelosi Is Releasing A New Film Focusing On Her Mothers Rise In Congress Over Three Decades

FILE – Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, left, and Nancy Pelosi, right, attend “Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best Is Yet to Come” in New York on Sept. 15, 2016. Documentarian Alexandra Pelosi is releasing a new film focusing on her mothers rise in Congress over three decades. The film follows her mother, literally, through the Capitol and into the behind the scenes as she negotiates key votes for major pieces of legislation.

  • Andy Kropa – invision linkable, Invision

FILE – Director Alexandra Pelosi from the film “Fall to Grace” poses for a portrait during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013, in Park City, Utah. Alexandra Pelosi is releasing a new film focusing on her mothers rise in Congress over three decades. The film follows her mother, literally, through the Capitol and into the behind the scenes as she negotiates key votes for major pieces of legislation.

  • Victoria Will – invision linkable, Invision

NEW YORK For Alexandra Pelosi, the brutal attack on her father earlier this year was a culmination of vitriol that had been building for decades. Her familys name, she says, has been weaponized for years, turned into a curse word for Republicans.

Then, in October, a man broke into the familys San Francisco home and attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer, leaving him unconscious in a pool of his own blood.

And as the mother youre trying to say all humanity is good. We are decent people. No, were not.

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Why Enroll At Academy Of Art University

Theres a lot to consider when choosing between acting schools. Ultimately, you want to attend the best college for your interests, unique talents, and greater career goals. Whether your dream is to land a lead role in a broadway musical in New York, to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, or to simply travel the world performing and entertain thousands it all starts with finding an acting academy where you can hone your craft and build on your talents.

Here are the top reasons aspiring actors choose to enroll in our schools for acting:

When it comes to stage sets, film equipment, and motion-picture technology, our acting university is truly an industry frontrunner. We continuously invest in our studios, performance spaces, sound booths, and software programs so our students can gain hands-on experience with the professional-grade facilities theyll be exposed to in the real world.

Our students have unrestricted access to highly-knowledgeable, well-versed, and distinguished performing arts professionals, including Academy-award winning writers and producers. These faculty members are capable of not only teaching the theory behind our acting programs but of sharing key insights and lessons from their lived experiences.

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Ba Film And Television Production At Bennett University


The Bachelor of film and television at Bennett University is one of the highly preferred and widely chosen programs, to enter into the world of entertainment, and to be aware of all the concepts used in it. This program at Bennett has originally been designed under the supervision of the expertise of Junglee Pictures, the film production company of The Times Group, MX Player, and Zoom TV while providing you with skill-based education.

BA in film and television production delivers education to students under well-defined five layers of learning, that enhance the knowledge and skills of the students, as time passes while pursuing the degree,

  • Fiction and nonfiction storytelling

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School Of Motion Pictures & Television

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of filmmaking at the Academys film school. Study with professionals working in the entertainment industry, including Academy and Emmy Award winners, as they teach you their craft through hands-on filmmaking experience.

Direct. Produce. Shoot. Edit. Production Design. Write. Crew up and follow your passion for creating entertainment. Master postproduction software, acquire VR experience, delve into drone and VFX cinematography, explore documentary filmmaking, commercials and music videosthe choice is yours.

Your career starts here.

Internship Areas Offered To Students Of Ba Film And Television

India is one of the greatest hubs of entertainment, where the field of Film, TV, and web series are vast. While pursuing the undergraduate program of BA film and television, students are offered internship opportunities in the top leading entertainment industries, which helps them to learn and gain some hands-on experience from them, which will eventually help them to secure a good job in the future.

Although there is a lot more than you think to explore in the world of entertainment, you have to start from a basic level, to understand the working of this field, and internships are what made for learning and entering into a particular field.

While pursuing a bachelor of film and television, you come across many industries that offer you good internship opportunities, which you can avail for gaining experience. You can join as a trainee in any production house related to film, TV, or web series.

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India’s ‘writing With Fire’ Loses To ‘summer Of Soul’ In Documentary Feature Category

He further recollected, “I was gazing at the entire incident suspiciously. But all my preconceived notions went wrong, when the old man gently paid for the food, without seeking anything in return. The girl thanked the man for the sweet gesture and left the premises, without looking for any customer. And from here onwards, I started my journey of ‘Highway Night'”.

The film is inspired by the true history of the Bachhada tribe in Madhya Pradesh and showcases how women are mistreated and thrown into the vicious circle of flesh trade in remote regions of India.

Shubham added, “After my in-depth research, I discovered Banchhada tribe, where, the traditionally males of the family don’t opt for any work, but they deploy the females of the family into sex trade. A legally prohibited practice in India, was the whole and sole mode of income for the entire community.”

The male members of the community not working have a historical connection dating back to the colonial era in India. Shubham shared, “This tradition has been followed since years where the tribe believed that during the British Raj era , a person from their community accidently killed a British officer. The consequences of the incident were very harsh as the incumbent governor at that time penalised the entire tribal community by banning them from working anywhere in India. Left with no option, they got involved into sex trade and since then, this legacy was being passed onto generations.”

High School Application Form

Georgia Film Academy helps to keep production jobs in the state

Prospective students should get a high school application from their current guidance counselor. If they feel that TvF is the best fit, list TvF as the first choice on the application. The program code for TvF is Q01A.

If you are considering applying to our school and would like to be informed of recruitment related news, please take a minute to fill out our new student interest form. For more information about TvFs learning environment and performance to help make your decision, check out all of school data here and read a review of TvF on

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Academy Film & Television Graduation Screening 2015

21 June 201519:30

Venue : Academy Drama Theatre

Price Info : The Academy free event tickets are released half an hour before the start of the performance at the Academy Box Offi ce on a fi rst-come, fi rst-served basis

School / Department : School of Film and Television

Category : Academy Events

Summer is harvest time for the School of Film and Television, when graduating students reap what they sowed one year earlier at the Graduation Screening.

This year, the graduating class has a total of eight works to share with the public on 21 June, including four fi lms and four scripts all of which began their development last summer. More than just a showcase of individual talent, the Screening is a display of teamwork, as the four fi lms were the joint effort of students from the six majors Camera and Lighting, Directing, Editing and Visual Effects, Production Administration, Screenwriting, and Sound Recording and Design.

Academy Senior Lecturer Alex Lai, who coordinates the Screening, says the fi lms this year cover a variety of topics, from sad to farcical, contemporary to nostalgic. The main members of the crew will be on hand to meet the audience after the Screening: a great opportunity for the students to hear what the public think about their work. They can gain valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses, Lai said, and learn the virtues of persistence and humility that will be so useful for their future career.

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