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How Can You Measure Your Careers Page Conversion Rate

How to SPLIT a PowerPoint Presentation Into 2 SEPARATE Ones (Easily!)

A careers page conversion rate measures how many candidates applied for an open role after visiting your careers page.

For a specific period of time , divide the number of your pages unique visitors by the number of applications you received. For example, if 1,000 job-seekers visit your careers page in a month and 120 of them applied to your jobs, your monthly conversion rate is 120/1,000 = 12%.

Careers page conversion rate % = Number of unique visitors / Number of applications received x 100

To keep track of your careers page unique visitors and their behaviors use .

What Percent Of Candidates Visit Career Pages

Sixty-four percent of job seekers not only visit company careers sites but consider them valuable resources during their job search. When job seekers land on a careers page, they look for:

  • Reasons why employees work there
  • Reasons why employees choose to stay

Optimizing your careers page for mobile is also important. Thirty-nine percent of job seekers who use their phone in their job search are likely to visit a companys career page on their phone.

How Can You Create A Careers Page On Linkedin

LinkedIn is a professional social network that helps you connect to job seekers. A is a place where you can share your job openings and describe your company culture to potential hires.

To create a company page on LinkedIn follow these steps:

  • Fill out the fields requesting your companys name and your pages URL
  • Verify your account
  • Edit your account by adding an image and information about your business.
  • Use your LinkedIn careers page to advertise your job openings to your desired audience. You can also to help you enhance your careers page, including employee testimonials, videos and pictures to attract potential hires.

    Heres the LinkedIn careers page of Swrve, a mobile automation software company:

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    Accessing Documentation In The Notebook

    One of the best features of quality libraries is their documentation,which students and other users will likely consult regularly. From anotebook cell, the TAB key autocompletes and SHIFT-TAB brings up full documentation. Similarly, using aquestion-mark after a method or function will bring up thedocumentation after the cell is run, as shown in Figure 5.1.

    A question mark used after a method or function brings up the documentation after executing the cell.

    Using this feature in class during live coding orwhile explaining how code works helps make students comfortableof working effectively with libraries.

    How Can You Improve Your Careers Page Conversion Rate

    System Administrator

    Good functionality and design are the keys to a successful career website. Here are some careers page best practices that will enhance your conversion rate:

    • Display your job openings. Help candidates navigate through your job listings by adding prominent buttons . Use filters that let candidates search by location and/or field of expertise.
    • Design simple and quick application forms. Use a short, straightforward application with a few relevant and concise qualifying questions. Consider including features like LinkedIn Apply, which lets applicants use their LinkedIn data to apply for jobs.
    • Showcase your teams and culture. Demonstrate why job seekers should consider your open roles and workplace. Use photos and videos to illustrate your culture and company personality.
    • Present your benefits. Mention both standard and unique benefits that are important to candidates.
    • Introduce your employees. Include testimonials from employees to add a human touch to your page. Consider linking to their personal Twitter accounts so candidates can get a sense of who they are outside of work.
    • Create a mobile-friendly careers page. Being able to look through jobs and apply through mobile devices is convenient for candidates and helps you attract job-seekers on the go.

    If you already have a careers page that embraces the above characteristics, but you still want to improve your conversion rates, consider the following:

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    Should You Make Your Careers Page Mobile

    Yes. A 2014 Glassdoor study found that nine out of 10 candidates were likely to use their cell phone during their job search within the next year. Of them, 39 percent were likely to visit a mobile careers pages.

    Here are some ways to make your careers page mobile-friendly:

    • Use responsive design. A responsive design will adjust your page to the screen size and orientation of the device the page loads on
    • Pay attention to UX. Simplify navigation and eliminate unnecessary links and pop-up windows.
    • Organize your text. A well-structured text is friendlier to the readers eye. Use lists, powerful words and images or graphics, when appropriate.

    Hospitality Entertainment And Sponsored Travel

    5.4.9 The nature of work in the APS and the relationship of the APS with external clients and stakeholders is such that employees, particularly at senior levels, often deal with heads of corporations and senior business representatives, heads of non-government organisations, and international officials. In many of these sectors, offers of gifts and hospitality are commonplace.

    5.4.10 Senior employees, and agency heads in particular, are often required to make finely balanced judgements as to whether an offered gift or benefit should be accepted.

    5.4.11 When deciding whether to accept such an offer, an employee should balance the benefits to their agency and the APS with the risks that acceptance will raise, including the risk that agency employees or the public may view acceptance as compromising the employee’s integrity.

    5.4.12 It may be necessary to bring the offer to the attention of the agency head. An agency head may decide that the benefits to the agency of accepting an offer outweigh any risks that its acceptance creates. They may also decide that the risks can be effectively mitigated.

    5.4.13 While it may be in the interests of the agency, or the government, for employees to accept invitations to some events, it is not generally appropriate for them to accept offers of paid travel or accommodation associated with their attendance. As a general rule, the Commonwealth pays for employees to travel as part of their official duties.

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    How Can You Make Your Careers Page More Attractive

    A careers page should not just be informative. It should pique potential candidates interest in your company. Heres how to make your career site more attractive:

    • Show dont tell. Instead of reading about how great your company is, provide candidates a realistic look into your work life. Display pictures and write-ups from company events and share office tours to help candidates visualize themselves as part of your team.
    • Keep text concise. People tend to skim large pieces of text. Create visually pleasing and easy-to-read content, using headlines, quotes from employees and lists
    • Add personality. Your careers page should be as unique as your company is. Use actual photos of employees instead of stock images, for example, to illustrate your page. Also, write about what differentiates you from other companies and include links to your social media pages.

    How Can You Use Your Careers Page On Facebook

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    Use your Facebook careers page to:

    Advertise your job openings

    Create and share brief job descriptions and route candidates to your careers page for further information and an application form. Facebook offers customization options for your company page, as well.

    • has two separate tabs, for Early careers and Professional careers, making it easier for its 1.2 million followers to find the most relevant job openings.

    Show off your company culture

    Your employees can be your best advocates. Post videos of a day at work in your office or ask an employee share their experience working with you.

    • Taco Bell uses Facebook to showcase its company culture and celebrate employees achievements.

    Socialize with candidates

    Use Facebook to network with candidates and build relationships with potential future hires. After you create your careers page, you should have at least one page manager who responds to peoples questions and engages with them on a regular basis.

    • Dell shares job search advice with its Facebook followers:

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    What Are Some Good Examples Of Company Careers Pages

    Here are some of the best career pages we found online that you can use as an inspiration when youre building your own career portal:

    BambooHR is an expert in Human Resources Management solutions and that shows in the companys careers page, which includes such features as strong headlines, informative content, clear call-to-action buttons and engaging visual aids.

    Carrot Creative, a digital agency, manages to capture candidates attention by using a combination of videos and motion graphics. The companys career site has a prominent Come work with us slogan at the top of the page, followed by illustrations of employee benefits.

    Onfido, a background check software company, promotes its corporate values and team spirit through an aesthetically pleasing careers site. Job seekers can easily navigate among Team, Culture, Perks and Jobs sections to learn more about working at Onfido.

    Starbucks is a good example of a mobile-optimized career site. Its responsive design makes navigation easy, despite the size or orientation of the screen.

    Want to see more career page examples? Learn how at Workable we have created a simple, yet effective, careers page design for our customers.

    How Can You Create A Careers Page On Facebook

    You can either create a careers section on your or design a new page entirely dedicated to careers. Larger, multinational companies may consider building separate pages for each of their office locations.

    Heres a step-by-step guide to walk you through creating a Facebook careers page from scratch:

  • Choose the category Company, Organization or Institution, select your industry from the drop-down menu and fill in your companys name. Screenshot via Facebook

    If youre creating an exclusive careers page choose a name like CompanyCareers, CompanyJobsUS or CareersAtCompany so that people can easily find your page.

  • Complete the About section with information about your business, including contact details and a brief description of your company, product/services and teams. Heres an example from : Screenshot via Taco Bells Facebook page
  • Add a profile picture and a cover photo. Include your logo, so that people can recognize your brand. Avoid using stock photos. Instead, use pictures of employees and your offices to build a more personal brand.
  • You can now start building your pages content by posting your companys news and sharing pictures and videos from your work environment.
  • To reach out to a broader audience, invite employees, partners and clients to Like your page. You can also use to advertise your page.
  • Learn how people discover your page along with other useful metrics by keeping track of your pages insights.
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    Student And Family Handbook

    The Student and Family Handbook is a resource for all SFUSD stakeholders. We provide this Handbook as a way to work in partnership, to support students and families to understand the rights that you have in the district. It is also a place where the district outlines our expectations for students and families.

    The online Handbook was updated in August 2022.

    Conflict Of Interest Outside Employment

    unnamed file

    Public employment is a public trust, and any effort to realize personal gain through official conduct, other than as compensation set through established processes, is a violation of that trust. All decisions of the University, and individual faculty and staff members in their role as faculty/staff are to be made solely on the basis of a desire to promote the best interests of the institution.

    The University recognizes that the faculty and staff are composed of persons whose competence in certain fields is such that their services will be sought in a professional capacity outside the University. Consultative services are to be rendered by such faculty and staff members in their capacity as private individuals. Such services and/or other professional employment shall not interfere with regularly assigned duties during the University work week. University facilities, materials, and equipment shall not be used to subsidize private consultative services unless the University is remunerated.

    The Board of Supervisors policy for outside employment of college and University employees, as stated in Chapter III, Section VII of the Rules, relates to employment directly undertaken by employees of System institutions with outside employers or to selfemployment and does not relate to employment in which arrangements are made officially through the institution by contract with or grants to the institution. The Boards statement of policy on outside employment is as follows:

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    What Are Some Common Career Page Mistakes

    A careers page will boost your employer brand and bring you more and better candidates, as long as its well-designed. Careers page are ineffective if:

    • Theyre hard-to-find. Make sure your careers page is easily accessible from your corporate site. Job seekers should be able to navigate to it in one click. Also, label your careers page link text clearly, with words like Careers, We are hiring and Work with us.
    • Theyre outdated. Update your careers page regularly. Its a good practice that will improve your candidate experience. Youll also stop receiving applications for roles that have already been filled.
    • Theyre nonfunctional. Broken links, large application forms and non-responsive design repel candidates. Make sure candidates have a positive experience when visiting your careers page and can easily access all sections.
    • Theyre unimaginative. Instead of solely listing your job openings, highlight what differentiates you from other companies. Avoid stock images and opt for actual pictures of your employees at your offices.

    Why Should You Create A Career Page On Your Website

    Careers pages are effective sourcing and branding tools. Good careers pages cater to your recruiting needs, showcase your company culture and help you attract candidates who want to work for you.

    Here are four common characteristics of successful careers pages:

    1. They attract people

    To attract potential candidates to your careers page, avoid buzzwords and use search engine optimization to increase your websites ability to be searched. Also, promote your page on social media and on other parts of your companys website.

    • Design platform InVision describes its mission in clear language:

    2. They engage visitors

    People have a short attention span for online reading. To spark visitors interest and keep them on your page, use a powerful headline along with some visual aids, like images and videos.

    • King, a mobile game development company, uses a bold but lighthearted motto to illustrate its work life:

    3. They convince qualified candidates

    Candidates evaluate you based on your careers page. Benefits, learning and development opportunities and employees stories help you make a good first impression. Detail what its like to work where you do, so that candidates can picture themselves at your company.

    • Telepathy, a UX design and consulting studio, describes what a regular day at work looks like:

    4. They convert visitors into applicants

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    Offering Gifts And Benefits

    5.5.1 Employees should ensure that their decisions are transparent and their intent clear when offering gifts and benefitsincluding official hospitalityto people or representatives of organisations, such as members of an international delegation. Depending on the circumstances, a payment characterised as hospitality or a promotional expense may be considered a bribe, particularly if the payment is lavish, disproportionate or over-frequent.

    5.5.2 Employees must comply with the PGPA Actsee Section 7: Using Commonwealth resources and any relevant Accountable Authority Instructions.

    5.5.3 As a general principle, gifts and benefits should be representative of the agency and proportionate to the occasion.

    5.5.5 More information about foreign bribery is available from the Attorney-General’s Department website.

    What Tools Can You Use To Create A Careers Page

    How to Make a Micro Job Website Like Fiverr, Freelancer & Upwork With WordPress

    Creating a website from scratch usually requires expertise from developers and designers. But if you dont have access to those resources, here are some tools to help you set up or run your companys careers page:

    Building your brand is the first step in attracting the best candidates. Use Workable to create your branded careers page. Try Workable for free today.

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    Assessing The Materiality Of A Conflict Of Interest

    5.3.5 Factors that may need to be weighed in assessing the materiality of the conflict of interest include:

  • the type or size of the employee’s personal interest, real or apparent
  • the nature or significance of the particular decision or activity being carried out by the agency
  • the extent to which the employee’s personal interest could affect, or be affected by, the agency’s decision or activity
  • the nature or extent of the employee’s current or intended involvement in the agency’s decision or activity.
  • What Do Candidates Look For On A Careers Page

    Candidates who visit your careers page want to be inspired to apply to one of your jobs. They need ways to visualize themselves working for your company.

    Candidates browse your careers page to learn about your business, company culture and open roles. Your careers pages should answer the following questions candidates will have:

    • What job opportunities do you have?
    • What benefits do you offer?
    • What do your offices look like?
    • Who are your current employees?
    • How do your current employees feel about working at your company?
    • How do you apply for an open role?
    • Why should I work here?

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